Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Computing in schools

Today I was browsing the internet and it was brought to my attention that we learn so little about computing in England in secondary school. In my experience the most advance thing I done in school was some formulas in Microsoft excel. Our school had two IT teachers and one I would say new a fair bit about computing while the other who was my teacher probably did not know how a computer functions. You always hear that the future is full of computing well I believe the curriculum in schools needs to be changed, It should teach children the fundamentals of how a computer works. Learn about networks and the internet. Learn about the different components in a computer. Also learn two programming languages such as C and Python. Then you can opt to do extra such as web development, more software development or networking at GCSE level. At the moment you learn basically the basics of Microsoft office in 5 years. This could be taught in the last year of primary school.

What are your thoughts on the current IT curriculum being taught to children in your country ?
(Please state your country in the comment with your answer) 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Where to start my name is Ben and I live in Middlesbrough which is located in the north east of England. I am currently at college studying networking and systems support.
I enjoy going out with my friends, gaming and have a strong interest in technology. I play on my xbox 360 regularly. I used to play CoD: MW2 at a completive level but due to the latest addition to the CoD series being so poor I now just play casual with my friends.
I also enjoy my sports. I am a huge Middlesbrough FC fan (Boro). I have a season ticket and have been to two away games this season (Leeds and sheff united) we drew 1-1 at leeds and got a crucial late winner to make it 2-1 at sheff utd. Tonight minutes ago we just drew 3-3 with ipswich, which makes boro unbeaten in there last 6 games.
So that's it really if you would like to know anything just leave a comment below.